How To Claim -
Life Insurance

Making a claim on your international life insurance policy

Regency for Expats’ claims process is designed to provide maximum support with minimum fuss. Saving your loved ones of the burden of making difficult decisions and the hassle of dealing with the logistics and costs associated with a death abroad.

Regency for Expats can deal with every aspect of a death abroad, ensuring that all administrative, cultural and religious requirements are considered. All cases are handled sensitively and we aim to make the process as smooth and stress free as possible.


Death Benefit

When you take out Regency for Expats’ Life Insurance policy, the amount of Death Benefit you will receive will be specified within the Certificate of Insurance. Once the claim has been submitted, it is possible to receive a percentage of the Death Benefit as an emergency upfront payment.

Mortal Remains

Regency for Expats’ Life Insurance covers the costs associated with repatriating your body to your home country, taking care of the administrative requirements, by releasing funds and providing access to experienced international funeral directors.


Beneficiaries have access to a 24-hour multilingual hotline to provide practical assistance. Our team can take charge of the situation and sort out any issues, deal with paperwork, logistics and the costs associated with a death.

We reserve the right to decline any claim relating to inpatient and or outpatient surgical treatment that has not been pre-authorised by us. Contact information for general enquires and the claims service can be found on your member card.