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January 2018 - Regency For Expats

10 ways to relax without alcohol in January

How is dry-January going for you? Ditching alcohol in the new year has gained popularity around the world as more and more people jump on the wagon and work to feel fresher, healthier and save money after the gluttony of December.

December 2017 - Regency For Expats

How to find more energy, fast

More energy. We all need it but why is it so difficult to achieve? If you have a busy family life, a hectic work schedule and friends and family to keep up with, we´re sure you´re searching everywhere to find a little extra boost to keep up with everything, especially since your last lie-in was more likely in the last decade rather than last week.

December 2017 - Regency For Expats

5 health trends to look out for in 2018

With 2018 around the corner, here comes the slew of new trends. When it comes to our health and what we put on our plates there are a few trends set to break in the new year which could surprise you. Here, we round up our five favourites.

December 2017 - Regency For Expats

Can You Eat to Beat Cancer?

One third of us will develop cancer at some stage in our lives. There are numerous strains of cancers with varying causes, but the majority of medical practitioners will say that eating a balanced diet packed full of nutrient rich foods could help prevent cancer and help recovery should you fall sick.

December 2017 - Regency For Expats

Get FIT now, so that you don´t get FAT at Christmas

With Christmas in just a couple of weeks, our attention has turned to presents, parties, enjoying (or loathing) time spent with family and an all-round good knees-up.