Health Insurance FAQs

If I need hospital treatment, will I need to settle the bill and reclaim the money from Regency for Expats?

No, this is not necessary. To make the process as simple as possible, once you have gained pre-authorisation for your treatment, we will contact the healthcare provider to arrange for the payment to be made direct.

What should I do in case of an emergency?

During an emergency, you may not be in a position to notify us prior to your admission; in this event, please notify Regency for Expats as soon as it is possible so that we can arrange for your invoices to be settled directly where covered.

Can I cancel an international insurance policy?

Yes. You have a 14-day cooling off period. If after reading the full terms and conditions and exclusions of your policy, you feel that the cover is not right for you, you can cancel your policy and receive a full refund under the terms of the 14-day cooling off period.

Do your policies cover dental treatment?

Yes, Regency for Expats includes dental cover under our Comprehensive and Fully Comprehensive international healthcare plans. You can find details on our website under Health Insurance.

Can I claim for outpatient treatment?

Yes,Regency for Expats international health insurance includes outpatient treatment. You may undergo your consultation or treatment without first obtaining pre-authorisation from Regency. See how to make a claim for outpatient treatment.

Does Regency for Expats international health insurance cover pre-existing conditions?

Unfortunately, we cannot approve any claims relating directly or indirectly to any medical condition or related condition for which you have received treatment, had symptoms of, had knowledge existed or should have known existed, or you sought advice for prior to your date of entry.

How do I submit a claim for outpatient treatment?

If you are claiming for outpatient consultations, you need to download our claim form. Make sure that you take it to your appointment to be completed by the healthcare professional attending to you. Scan the completed claim form and any receipts, then email to us at [email protected]. You should keep the original documents as we may need to see them at a later date.

Are any conditions or treatments excluded?

Yes, general exclusions apply to all sections of this international health insurance. Please request a copy of our brochure and refer to the section headed ‘Exclusions’ for a full breakdown.

How do I make a claim for inpatient and outpatient surgery?

All inpatient and outpatient surgical procedures (except emergencies) must be pre-authorised by Regency for Expats prior to receiving treatment. If your treatment is covered, we will arrange for the payment to be made directly to the relevant medical provider. Contact us at [email protected].

Is it possible to transfer my policy if I relocate to another country?

Yes, your policy is globally mobile and you can transfer it with you anywhere in the world outside United States of America.

Do I need a medical check-up before I can take out an international health insurance policy with Regency for Expats?

No, you can apply and get coverage same day without the need of a medical examination.

If I live and work in a different country to wife and children, can they be covered on the same expatriate health insurance policy?

Yes, your entire family can get coverage and receive treatment anywhere in the world outside the United States of America.

Does Regency for Expats international health insurance have an annual claims limit?

There is an annual limit on each plan for the total amount you can claim each year but no limit to how many claims you can submit.

In which countries can I receive treatment?

You can elect to receive treatment in any country in the world outside the United States of America.

Can I choose which medical facility or doctor will provide treatment?

You can elect to receive treatment from any appropriate medical practitioner of your choice in any medical facility.

What does your Terrorism cover include?

Terrorism coverage is included on all plans for treatment that is required as a result of a medical condition sustained as a result of terrorism.

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